Rose Barrett — Guide / Hearing

Location: Findlay, Ohio

I have been legally blind since I was 22. For years I used a cane to navigate my way around. I never felt safe traveling on my own using a cane. I was lucky enough to find a guide dog through the Guide Dog Foundation. I am working with my second dog from this incredible organization. My current dog, Rose Barrett, has been my eyes for the last five and half years. From the moment we met and started training together, we were completely in sync. Rose Barrett has made my life safer and more independent. There have been several instances I would like to share on how she had made me safe. The first time she “saved” me was while we were still in training. Rose Barrett stopped short instead of getting me to the curb as she was instructed. There was a UPS truck that took the turn very fast and made a sharp turn. Rose Barrett knew to keep me out of danger and would not go forward until it safe. The most recent incident was in late 2016. We were grocery shopping and there was a woman in a wheelchair who had a service dog with her. This dog started barking at us and the woman lost control of her dog. The dog lunged at us. Rose Barrett stayed calm and kept backing me up and kept herself between me and the other dog. Never once did Rose Barrett bark or try to fight back. Her concern was to get me out of harms way.

This picture of Rose Barrett was taken at a restaurant after returning from a trip to Chicago.