Rosie — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: HomeDog LA
Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

Rosie was born perfectly healthy but after few weeks her dog mom stepped on her leg & broke it.Due to infection her leg was amputated.Euthanasia was an option due to her size, but Dr.Rose reached out to Hanger about a prosthetic leg.(She was named after him.)Hanger volunteered to take on this challenge.I was 16 when a bomb exploded killing all 5 of my friends & I was severely injured.We were 60,000 civilians surrounded by two armies, constantly bombed- without food, water, electricity, medicine or outside contact.Due to infection my leg had to be amputated w/out anesthesia.I had over 100 surgeries but noting compared to the onset of PTSD.Determined not to use Rx drugs, I searched for a natural solution.Living with constant panic attacks & re-living genocide left me broken & unable to function.One day I went to Hanger to work on my prosthetic leg.They told me about Rosie & I fell in love, adopted her & we have been inseparable since.Rosie has needed a lot of help with her prosthetic legs.She has 18! Rosie is trained as service dog & helps me with PTSD.She wakes me up from night terrors & panic attacks.She provides comfort & peace I thought I lost forever.I regained my ability to live a ‘normal’ life.We visit nursing homes & schools to inspire others.Knowledge from Rosie’s prosthetics is used to improve care of other animals.Our unique friendship transcends human/dog bond, teaching us as much about us as it does about our furry friends.We spread a message of support love & hope