Roxie — Service

Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts

Words can’t describe how much I love you. Everyday you save my life. In 2019 I was diagnosed with POTS with hyper adrenergic. Everything in my world came crashing down. I didn’t know how to cope with such a debilitating disease. I couldn’t walk long distances anymore without passing out or feeling faint. I couldn’t get up without symptoms hitting me full force. I went from a cross country runner to needing a wheelchair just to go out for long periods of time. Then Roxie came into my life. She was everything I needed and more. With her heart rate alerts to her medical response Roxie saves me every single day and provides me with a quality of life I never thought I would have again. God sent me a four-legged hero who made life possible for me again. Roxie deserves the American Hero Dog Award because of her unending loyalty and willingness to please and help me every single day. Roxie (featured in the photo) is an American Pitbull Terrier Mix who time and time again shows that any dog can be a service dog and shouldn’t be judged based on her breed. At only a year old she knows more than eight different tasks and more than 2 languages. There are going to many dogs who would outshine Roxie but in all my lifetime I have never met such a determined and loyal dog. From the way she looks at me with unending love shining in her eyes to the way she happily completes tasks I ask her to Roxie is one of the best bully breed service dogs the world has ever known.