Roxy Potas — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

What can I tell you about lil’ Miss Roxy? She was your typical dog at the shelter. Homeless, abused and discarded like yesterday’s outdated iPod. The name on her kennel was Shadow…she didn’t look like a Shadow to me. She looked lost and unhappy. Instead of barking her head off at everyone she just gave me this look, like she knew she’d found someone who “saw” her. She wagged her tail cautiously and pressed her face into the kennel bars against my fingers. I knew then that I wasn’t leaving the shelter without her and my husband agreed…

It took four long months of going to the Virginia Beach SPCA to find this wonderful pup and truthfully she was exactly what my husband and I needed. Roxy was the perfect addition to our new little family.

Sadly, my husband and I had both gone through very painful divorces before we found each other. All we wanted was to start our new life together and rebuild our family. Brining this loving puppy into our life was just the thing our two mending hearts needed. She isn’t a war hero, or a police dog, or a special needs/service dog…but every day she brings so much joy to our lives and to everyone she meets. She’s OUR hero, our love bug, our family. In my book that makes her a hero…because her love knows no limits and she helped mend two very broken hearts.