Rozie — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Freeway's Greyt Escape
Location: Clinton, Maine

Rozie is a great choice for this nomination! She has been nothing but loving an caring! My grammar is not great or my ability to write. I want everyone to know how amazing my German shepherd is. My girlfriends farther took his life three years ago. She was very depressed an hopeless in life. I was worried for her, her dads favorite dog was German shepherds! Ever since getting rozie my girlfriends life an mine have gotten so much better! I’m a fishermen as well an I’m gone! I was gone one trip and a burglar broke into my home! Much to find my 80 lb shepherd waiting for them! Other then a broken window they got nothing! An my girlfriend woke as soon as rozie barked! She was able to get up in time to see the car they drove away in. She is our hero an I’m so grateful for her in our life! It’s almost as if my girlfriend “Tabitha” is her name. Her farther is a part of Rozie, she makes us both happy an watches over us an especially Tabitha when I’m home an away! Thanks for the time to let you know how amazing our family member is!