Sachi — Shelter

Location: Tuckerton, New Jersey

Spent New Years Day walking on the beach with my girl PrincessSachi. I owe this little girl a lot. She pretty much saved me back in 2016 when we adopted her from the Humane Society. I was in a deep depression after losing a hard fought battle with mast cell cancer with our “heart” dog Kodi.

She needed us just as much as we needed her. She was broken when we got her. She suffered from mastitis, anemia, ear infections and a staph infection. Poor thing was dumped at a shelter pregnant and had her puppies aborted.

She searched the house the first couple of weeks she was with us looking for her puppies. Found our elderly sick cat and decided to mother her. It was so sweet.

Once she was well, she showed us all her Shibas ways which made us laugh out loud! I didn’t think that was even possible after the great lost we suffered. She layed on her back and kicked her feet up in the air and did her shiba howls. She screamed at our neighbors dogs and did handstands to pee up high! She dog tranced to relax which we never saw a dog do!

Our grandchildren who were very attached to our Kodi were suddenly laughing again as she chased them through the house and then they would chase her! She made everybody happy again. She is the best dog with children. She simply loves them and is so gentle and patient.

My husband I got off the couch and started hiking again with our little Energizer Bunny dog.

She saved us in so many ways. I truly love this dog and I am so grateful for her.

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