Sadie — Shelter

Location: Eatonton, Georgia

I got a phone call 5 years ago about a shitzu pup. At the time I was a full time caregiver to my mother in law that was bed rending. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression couple of years after caregiven, the stress, no rest, worrying, not being able to leave her and just get out for a while. It was getting bad as far as feeling being alone. My daughter called me up and said they were selling shitzu puppies, I thought well dont need one, she talked me into it saying it would do me some good having a companion to keep me company. So glad I did. A year after that in 2015, my mother in law passed away, dealing with my grieving, my husband grieving of the loss of his mother. Now that im back into the work field after being a caregiver for 4 years, it was bad at first, scared of being around people. Anxiety kicked in big time, and working with the public. All day I would think about my Sadie knowing she missed me just as much as I missed her. She always makes me feel safe, yes I know shes a small shitzu but with a big smile and brightens my day. I come home and I can talk to her and she listens like she understands what I’m saying. It doesnt matter, she is God sent, she has kept me from going over the edge. She is the best dog I’ve ever had. To this day I continue to take my medication of Sadie love. Sadie is my hero and weather she receives this award or not she will always be my bestfriend and HERO!!!!!!!

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