Sam — Shelter

Location: Westtown, Pennsylvania

I rescued Sam 11 years ago since his previous owners were in their 90s and left him alone.
He was not eating and only 75 lbs when I adopted him. It took me over a year for Sam to get the proper weight and look healthy again. Approximately four years ago Sam’s right lung lobe ruptured and within 24 hours he went into cardiac arrest. Sam has conquered many health issues during his lifetime. But as the doctor told me then, technically Sam should not be alive today! He has survived surgery for two ripped ACLs, was blind when I rescued him due to cataract and now is able to see with one eye, destroyed one knee, and then the lung lobe. Today Sam is still thriving and going strong but unable to go up/down steps. The picture that I submitted is after Sam had surgery and unable was limited how he could be outside.
I continue to rescue and adopt Newfoundlands to give them a better life. That is what I have done with Sam. I have since adopted/rescued another Newf Luna who was abused but after one year she is learning to be a normal dog. Luna’s story is worse than Sam’s but if it wasn’t for Sam, she would not know how to react. Sam taught Luna how to be a dog and how she should react to a dog’s life and surviving. Sam has taught Luna how to walk on a leash, trust humans, receive/give love, and to enjoy her life. I am thankful and proud of my Sam and what he has done with his own life and how he has saved Luna.