Sammy Boy — Service

Location: Dekalb, Illinois

I’m nominating my Sammy boy because he saves my life. When I first got him I never thought of training him for service work just as emotional support. Until one night I had a bad asthma attack and collapsed Sammy was 10 months at the time and was smart enough to bring my inhaler without previous training. After that I decided he would’ve be a great help for my needs. He was motivated and willing to learn and respond. He’s saved my life many times and I don’t know if I could live a normal life without him. He’s an amazing dog and he’s done so much for me. He loves to work and learn, and he’s always keeping me safe. I love him with all my heart. He’s even gone on to help my mom when she was in need recently by responding to her panic attack when I was visiting her. He’s amazing.