Sarge — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Secondhand Hounds
Location: Crossville, Tennessee

Sarge first came into my life in December of 2015. He came through the doors of our local municipal shelter and changed both of our lives forever. Sarge is a purebred German Shepherd. When he came into the shelter he was extremely emaciated, neglected, and more then likely abused. The man who had brought him was visiting his daughter had heard barking out in the woods. When they investigated they found the two beautiful dogs tied to a tree and left to die. Sarge was so skinny he could hardly stand. He also had little trust for people – particularly men. The staff spent so much time working to build his trust and his health. One day Sarge was adopted! However, after a few short weeks the home began to fall through. He had began regressing in his rehabilitation and his new owner was no long in a position to care for him. That is when Sarge came to live with my family. Days turned into weeks and we had many bumps in the road. After spending time working on Sarge’s social skills he received his Canine Good Citizen Title along with others geared towards manners and social skills.

Today, Sarge assists me while training people and their dogs. We are working towards promoting humane treatment to animals and responsible pet ownership through education. Sarge and I work hard to continue socializing and proving that coming from a bad background and being a rescue doesn’t mean we can’t achieve great things. We are working towards encouraging owners not to give up on their dogs.

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