Sarge — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Fresno Bully Rescue
Location: Lumberton, Mississippi

Sarge is a Pitt Mix was dropped off at local veterinarians office by a good a Good Samaritan who found him on the side of the road. He was left there like trash to die. He had head trauma, severely broken leg and shoulder and also jaw damage. His eye didn’t work properly either.

Myself and my cousin, Lisa decided he was going to get the best care possible. He went to southpaw veterinary specialists in Louisiana. He went through a leg amputation and blood transfusion only to name a few. The doctor informed us his wounds were from most likely abuse or being beaten and were at least a week old . This guy has heart and was determined to live!!! This photo was a day after we brought him home. 😊

He had to stay in specialist care for 8 days. Also have pictures of the X-rays. He has now gained up to 33 pounds, goes on daily runs and has three other pittbulls to keep up with. We didn’t give up on him and he loves us for it. He’s one vet spoiled pup !!
He deserves to be recognized for his heart and will to survive all odds that were against him.