Sasha — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

My name is Sasha and I am a Pitbull mix the first 18 months of my life I lived in a cage, until I was saved by a disable veteran who was looking to replace his other service dog that had to be retired due to his health at the age of 12. I got trained to become a seizure alert and PTSD service dog , you see my owner just like everyone else he served in the war did many tours in the war and had an accident. which he suffer from seizures, TBI, PTSD . So you going to hear a lot of sob story of how we save our owner life. But I have some very big paws to fill you see Duke my owner first service dog help others in his life time. He got to meet the president of the united state, and singers and songwriters he help change the ADA laws so PTSD is now a disability so veterans can have a service dog. There are books written about Duke and a movie about him and how he help others in his life. So please vote for me so I can win this so I to can help my owner to help others who needs a service dog. And Thank you for voting.

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