Sasha — Shelter

Location: Germantown, Ohio

Sasha was rescued in Middletown Ohio last Feb 2018 from a tragic situation. Her owner was a breeder or these “designer” Bulldogs called King Pin Bullies. Unfortunately her owner was on drugs and was going through a divorce, So to get back at her soon to be ex husband who was out of the country, she decided to cruelly starve 4 of her dogs to death. She even decapitated one of Sasha’s very young pack mates. The night our rescue “Joseph’s Legacy” got a phone call about this horrible situation the owner of Sasha made threats that she was going to feed rat poison to her. I fostered Sasha and took her from this awful situation. She was around 6/7 months old and had lived her entire life outside. The night we rescued her she was found huddled up to her dead pack mates bodies just to try and stay warm. She had frost bite on her feet and she smelled like a rotting corpse due to her cuddling with dead dogs, being in heat, and her ears were literally rotting off. The owner let someone cut her ears off with a straight razor and they never healed. They were so infected that our vet almost had to amputate them. Sarah’s former owner only did a short time in jail and is out now. But poor Sasha will always have to deal with the tragedy she endured from this sick monster. I fell in love with this sweet girl with everything in me. If I had not found her the perfect family than I would have foster failed and adopted her myself. I still see her former owner on the news & newspapers unfortunately.

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