Sasha — Service

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

My name is sgt Toby Yarbrough, I served in the U.S. Army in 2002 I was on a mission that changed my life forever. Now I suffer from a TBI, Seizures, and PTSD. I first got my service dog Duke in 2004 . My baby who had saved my life passed away in June of 2018. Now come my Sasha, In 2016 she was rescue from the animal shelter at the age of 18 months, She then got trained to replace my first service dog. Since 2018 when Duke passed she really has step up to the plate and took over for what Duke has done in 14 years. If you really want to know more what she does google (The Quiet Healing) I wrote the book called The Quiet Healing in which it was turn into an award winning documentary film. Any dog can be a hero, they are all hero’s in our life. But Sasha need to win to fulfilled Duke Dreams of winning this award. So please help Sasha and Vote for her. Sasha is trained to let me know about my seizures and go get my medication, also she keeps me clam when my PTSD is going crazy. Sasha had step up to the plate and saved my life many times ever since my first service dog passed away. So again please vote for her.