Schatz — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Pinckney, Michigan

I cried like a baby in my when my wife of 35 years divorced me in 2012. Not wanting to care for a 79-year old diabetic husband in a wheel chair, she retired and took her “inflated” 401-K plan, two retirement pensions, our car and the spayed Border Collie “Bandit” that I had given her for her birthday. In return, I got our retirement home with a bad roof, a large mortgage and huge taxes. Even worse, her rejection killed my soul and left me hopelessly mired in deep loneliness and self pity.

After several months of abject depression, I decided to get another dog. Unsure of what to expect, I registered at several Humane Societies to find another female Border Collie. Sponsored by the Pets for Patriots charity because of my military service, I finally found a 5-year old Border Collie and Lab mix dog named “Mae”. When she won my heart with her “smile”, I adopted her and took her into my empty home. But when Mae didn’t respond to her name, I renamed her “Schatz” which means “Sweetheart” in German.

In the months and years that followed, Schatz and I became joined at the hip. We took long walks around the neighborhood, she slept in my bed and became protective of me when anyone came to visit. I still cry a lot but please accept my nomination of my loyal and beautiful dog Schatz as the “Hero Dog of 2017”. Schatz will be my hero forever because she is a true sweetheart.