Scout — Therapy

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Scout, a greyhound, joined our family in 2016 after a successful racing career and birthing two litters of puppies. Whether it is despite of her life before retirement or because of it, Scout adores people. She is always supremely relaxed, often with legs in the air, and does not get rattled. Her serene presence seems to induce calm in all who come into her orbit.

While she has enjoyed a variety of site visits, including senior citizens at assisted living and nursing homes, developmentally disabled adults, and students at area colleges including Queens College, Winthrop University, and Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), she has had one favorite place to visit.

For three years, at least once and sometimes twice per week, Scout visited elementary school students at Lincoln Heights Academy (LHA). LHA was a school for behaviorally challenged kids. Students, as long as they had parental permission, could earn the privilege to read aloud to Scout. Her relaxed presence increased the students’ confidence, added enjoyment, and improved their reading skills. The students visited with Scout in pairs, and the student not reading bonded by petting and even cuddling with their canine reading companion.

While LHA closed this year, Scout has found a new favorite place to visit. CPCC has enthusiastically welcomed her so these emerging adults can get a dog-fix and bask in her freely offered peace and affection. The photo shows the special bandana they made for her!