Serendipity — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Troy, Virginia

8 years ago I watched helplessly as a truck pulled into my Canine Training facility, and tossed a white ball of fluff out the window, before speeding away. I ran out and was surprised to find what appeared to be a tiny Great Dane puppy. I picked her up, and rushed off to the vet, were it was apparent things were “not quite right”. She had microthalmia (undeveloped eyes) and was bi-laterally deaf. The vet recommended I “end her misery”. I recommended he back the heck up as I paid my bill and ran out of there. There was very little info known about these special babies back then. The three vets she saw that week all told me the same thing. “She can have no quality of life”. “She will snap and be nasty”. “You can never have her around kids or other dogs”. “Euthanize her, it’s the most humane thing”. Here I sit, on this beautiful summer morning, a giant white head in my lap, imagining all this “reject” has accomplished. Growing up healthy and happy, learning all her basic and advanced obedience commands, Her therapy dog tittle, the hundreds of children whose lives she touched…and greatest of all, the inspiration behind ALL that Green Dogs Unleashed is and will be. Serendipity is the heart and soul of GDU. She is everything we have modeled our practices after. She is kind, she is loving, she is ever giving. On this bright summer morning, as I feed her eggs and sausage and snuggle just a little closer – I am too aware of what ‘could have been’. She makes the world a better place!