Shasta — Shelter

Location: Torrington, Connecticut

Shasta was a wonderful puppy adopted through an agency as a puppy. The first family to adopt her left her chained to a tree outside most hours of the day in the heat of Texas. The family believed they couldn’t handle her and sent her to a shelter that euthanizes dogs. Thankfully the shelter found that she was microchipped and called the original adoption agency. She was then found by a girl in CT and set out on a 3 day mission to come here. When she arrived and was adopted, it was found that the girl’s roommates daughter had a severe allergy to dogs. I happened to stumble upon a Facebook post asking if someone could give her a loving home. Everything was set like fate meant for her to become part of our family. She is now in her furever home, loving every second. She’s the sweetest dog I could’ve ever imagined and has so much love to give. She is a reminder to us every day that your past doesn’t define who you are and to keep giving love, even though it hasn’t always been given to you.