Sheba — Shelter

Location: Middletown, Connecticut

Our Sheba is my hero. Some would say we saved her, be in truth, she saved us! She was thrown in a dumpster with her siblings as a new baby, and was rescued and brought to a shelter in a state thousands of miles away from us. She contracted parvo and almost died from it – but she didn’t!! I saw her picture on Petfinder when she was about 8 weeks old, and I knew immediately she was meant to be with us! A local rescue worked it out and got us our girl!!! She is truly the sweetest lady and best furry family member. Her disposition and personality show us every day how happy and grateful she is to be with us. I feel like she has never forgotten her beginnings. She is a loving companion to our kids and my literal shadow. I’ve never know the love of a dog like this before. She opened up my heart and made it soar with love for her! She’s silly and loves to play, she loves her treats and especially taking walks! She never “complains” and only loves. She listens, she clearly cares about her family, even the cats! If someone is upset or sad, she is right there trying to console. I am so incredibly grateful for this sweet loving girl. She truly rescued us more than we rescued here! We love her so much!