Shredder — Shelter

Location: RAYNHAM, Massachusetts

Shredder deserves the hero dog award because he’s so sweet loving and caring. His mom was sent to a high-kill shelter before he was even born. I became the foster mom and he was born at my house with a clubfoot that vets said he would be fine with. At about 4 months old he was adopted out to what the rescue and I thought would be a good home.The adopters were told that his paw would not be a problem. They did not like the look of the foot so they had surgery done to fix the look of it. But because they did not take care of it properly it became infected very badly. So they no longer wanted to care for him. So he came back with me. With the rescue help we try for months and months to heal the paw. We tryed corrective surgery in hope to save his leg. But after months and months it still was not healing. The last resort was the amputation. He now go a visit with children, veterans who are amputees.