Sky — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pets on Wheels
Location: Hollywood, Maryland

Sky is large, soft, extremely fluffy husky with piercing blue eyes born in Alaska. By 1 year old though he was homeless & alone at a Maryland rescue. 20 lbs. under weight & suffering from a severe respiratory infection he was in bad shape. After rescue & getting healthy he began his new life as a Therapy Pet with Pets on Wheels in 2013. He is a regular at Paws to Relax at the local military base & a weekly visitor at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. His work with veterans & hospice have brought some memorable moments.

Bringing laughter, tears, love, comfort and calm. He helps ease & distract from pain and has even brought the gift of speech. He helped a man with a neurologic deficit be able to speak. By placing hands on Sky, he went from only being able to utter a repetitive sound to being able get out a full sentence. Another man had not spoken to anyone for three days since coming to the veterans home but began speaking to Sky who stood quietly by his chair. Sky’s husky howl serves as singing for the veterans who have lost their sight. Families love that he visits when they cannot be there. Sky will ask to go see his veterans who are the real heroes. He visits children at schools and Paws for Reading where children share their books and stories with him. He brings much needed laughter & joy to children who are grieving the loss of a family member at Hospice summer camp. His first year of life was a long journey but he has many more miles of love and joy to give.