Skye — Search and Rescue

Location: Dallas, Texas

Skye was found wearing NE tags and found in SD, and no luck in finding his owner. A volunteer recognized Skye’s drive and reached out to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. All of the disaster dogs from the foundation are rescued from shelters, trained to be disaster search dogs, and go from Rescued to Rescuer. In Oct. of 2013, I was partnered with Skye and since then, we have been on 7 deployments for disaster search and rescue. Our most recent deployment was a 15-day deployment to Hurricane Harvey.

On a side note, Skye also rescued me! My father passed away in Mar. of 2016 from a rare form of liver cancer and my oldest sister passed away in Dec. of 16, from a glioblastoma. I found out about my sisters passing, the day before Skye had major back surgery. Not only is Skye still a disaster search and rescue dog, but every four weeks, Skye also comes with me and serves unofficially, as a therapy dog at TX Oncology. I receive IVIG (human plasma infusions) every 4 wks. to prevent further damage to my lungs. I have no/low antibodies and as a result, get chronic pneumonia and now bronchiectasis. This disease is managed with IVIG. The patients love to see Skye!

When I train with Skye, I forget about all of the negativity in my life, and in this world, and enjoy every bit of sweat equity that I put into training and watching Skye do, what he was meant to do, and what he loves to do. With him, “Skye’s the Limit!” I am blessed!

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