Skyleigh — Shelter

Location: Denver, Colorado

Skyleigh was born into the awful world of dog fighting, she was used as a bait dog when she was a puppy, and lost her leg from it. When she was rescued she was in really rough shape and only 4 months old. Her first foster got her through the initial trauma and her full amputation surgery, which took a month and they didn’t think she would make it, then she came to Colorado where She was adopted. She had also developed a huge lump on her back, this was removed and she started to gain strength and confidence. Now she’s living an amazing life, and acts as a foster mom with her mom and all the foster puppies they get. She bathes them, teaches them manners and teaches them how to recover from a scary life on the streets. Skyleigh has escaped death and gone from being in the hands of terrible humans who used her as an object to torture for their please to now in the loving arms of a vet tech and rescue mom and continues to prosper every day and fight the odds of life.