Slainte — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Elmhurst, Illinois

Sláinte has always loved children. A Pet Partners therapy team since 2010, we’ve done a variety of volunteering including the Hinsdale Humane Society’s library reading programs. We have helped a young woman demonstrate dog safety as part of her dog bite PTSD therapy teaching children at a summer day camp, a pediatric clinic, and even a Spanish-language news station’s segment on dog bite prevention.

A few years ago, Sláinte developed cataracts, slowly becoming vision-impaired. Our veterinarian suggested that we join DuPage Paws for People visiting schools with special needs and vision-impaired students because she shared their challenges.

The students love her. Once, a preschool boy had new glasses but refused to wear. At the time, Sláinte had safety glasses and didn’t like them either. So, we made a deal that if he wore his glasses, Sláinte would wear hers. They went nose to nose checking out each other’s glasses. The boy wore his glasses through the rest of class because Sláinte kept hers on too. I was so proud of her.

Last summer Sláinte lost both her eyes to glaucoma. I knew she was ready to go back to work when walking by parks she would hear children playing and pull me in their direction. This photo shows Sláinte back at school last fall happy and ready to visit her vision-impaired friends and share new skills she’s learned.

Sláinte is a therapy dog hero for overcoming her challenges as well as continuing to help others.