Spinner — Search and Rescue

Location: Gridley, California

Let me tell you about Spinner the Search and Rescue dog. Spinner came into my life at 3 weeks old. I only went to “look” at the puppies. When she snuggled up in my neck and fell asleep I knew I was hooked. Spinner came home with me at 7 weeks. It wasn’t until I got her home that I found out that she was the most rambunctious one in the litter – I mistakenly thought she was the quiet one.
Within a week or two I noticed Spinner had a keen nose on her. She would follow me into the bathroom and when I would brush my teeth her nose would go up in the air trying to track down the new scent. Hmmm “I wonder if she would make a good search dog” I asked myself. This thought changed the trajectory of our lives.
I didn’t know anything about search and rescue work but we knuckled down and learned everything we could. She certified in trailing, firearms and cadaver. Spinner is now 6 years old and has found both live and deceased subjects. Her most notable work was the recent Campfire catastrophe. Spinner was the first HRD dog to work the campfire. It is a strange feeling when you turn on the TV and see your dog running across the screen on the world news. She worked long and hard for the citizens of Butte County – November thru December trying to bring closure to the families of Paradise, Magalia and Concow.
Spinner brings a joy to her work that is amazing to watch. She loves what she does and doesn’t give up until her work is done. Spinner is my hero dog.

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