Star — Service

Location: Lakewood, Washington

Star is my 14 yr old son’s trained Psychiatric / Seizure Alert Service Dog. Alex is adopted from the foster care system, and has had a medically complicated young life. He also has a multitude of mental health, and medical disorders. Star assists him in every facet of life. Alex had become agoraphobic out of concerns of black outs and seizures. Star has provides a multitude of tasks that allow him to go out and be active again. Since then, they’ve been to Disney 3 times, Philadelphia, NYC, and Hamilton twice. NONE would have been possible without her.
Alex and Star have worked with first responders teaching them about SD teams, & people with disabilities. They also speak about mental illness, and adoption. Star has been in a Starbucks ad and ads for PetSmart & Top paw because of her abilities.
Star’s rather small stature makes her stick out, but we love that she proves that even small dogs can have big jobs. She can walk 8 miles a day at Disney, or she can be in bed with him all day if that’s what Alex needs. There isn’t a day that goes by that Star doesn’t assist Alex, and help him have as normal life as possible. He’s an open book about adoption, mental illness, perseverance, and trust. With Star at his side, he’s overcome more in his short 14 years (15 in May), than many people will in their entire life. Anyone that meets them quickly knows they’re a one in a million team. Star is a 21 lb Boston Terrier