Stella — Shelter

Location: Harrodsburg, Kentucky

I went to the shelter to save a dog, but really the dog ended up saving me. Stella came into my life during a time when I was struggling to get out of bed everyday. My grandfather passed away January 24th, 2018. We were very close and he was my hero. We trained search dogs together, fought fire together, you name it and we did it. I also have anxiety and depression. So when he passed it really ripped me apart. I wasn’t coping well. I was grieving in an unhealthy manner and I needed hope. I needed something, but I wasn’t sure what. My search dog passed in 2016 and I was still empty from losing her. She was my soul dog. I really wanted another dog. I’m a college student so I still live at home and we already have other dogs, so I had to really fight to get permission to get a dog. I eventually got the green light and on June 15th I went to the animal shelter. One dog in particular caught my attention and she went home with me that same day. I named her Stella. Now, Stella isn’t a perfect dog. Sometimes she makes messes and gets stubborn but that’s just part of her charm. But regardless of her minor flaws, she came to me at a perfect time. She gave me a reason to get up everyday. I couldn’t take care of myself, but I had to take care of her. She really pulled me out of a slump. My constant companion, adventure buddy, listening ear, personal cuddler. I couldn’t have gotten through without her. I had people in my life who helped too, but she helped in ways humans couldn’t have.

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