Stitch — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Atoka, Oklahoma

She was on the streets, people ignored her and sometimes kicked her. A kind person put a post about her on Facebook, and that’s where I seen her for the first time. I was a little reluctant in wanting to take her in, as I was working on purchasing a puppy from a breeder to train as my service dog. Something kept telling me to get this dog. My husband drove me out to meet her. It was an instant connection, so we took her home. She was glued to me the second we met. She naturally alerted to my various health conditions. I shaped all of those into tasks. She passed behavior tests and more. She went through basic and public access training.

Little did I know that when I rescued, I would be rescued back.

I believe she is worthy of this title due to how she has saved me. I know, that is a common thing for my handlers to say, but she is worthy. Stitch surpassed many dogs in her want to work. She is an outstanding dog. I never knew a connection like this with a canine was possible.

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