Sugar Bones — Shelter

Location: Florence, Texas

Sugar Bones was a cruelty case taken in by our local shelter. She came into the veterinary clinic I work at weighing only twenty-seven pounds (twenty pounds under weight), deaf, and unable to open her mouth. She was a skeleton with matted food up her front legs from trying to feed herself.

Sugar Bones has an autoimmune disease called Masticatory Mitosis which causes fibrosis in the jaw and muscle loss in the head. Based on the state of starvation the veterinary clinic estimated her disease was left untreated for at least 3 months. Her fibrosis is so severe and left untreated so long that she will never have full range of motion of her jaw.

Once in our care we syringe fed her canned food 4 times a day for 5 months and she underwent several surgical sedations to manipulate her jaw and help break up the fibrosis.
Today, Sugar Bones is at her ideal body weight of fifty pounds and living a normal dog life. She can open her mouth about an inch and half which is wide enough for her to lick her nose, bark, and eat dry food all on her own. She enjoys playing with her toys, eating treats, getting hugs, and giving kisses.

We decided to name her Sugar Bones because she reminded us of the sugar skulls and their beautifully decorated souls. She is the sweetest girl who loves with out reservation and has never met a stranger.

I believe Sugar Bones deserves to be the American Humane Hero Shelter dog because of her will to survive and her gentle, forgiving heart.