Summer — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Let me introduce you to my hero, Summer, a gentle & happy 12 yr young Golden Retriever. Her intuition & awareness enables her to safely connect with people.

For the last 7 years she has been a working canine providing Psychological First Aid through NATIONAL Crisis Response Canines, supporting individuals affected by disaster and trauma as well as first responders throughout the United States. This is clearly her life’s purpose and her compassion for human need is an inspiring sight to behold.

Summer has served from Alaska to Florida. Working with first responders following injury and deaths, survivors at 9/11 remembrance events, active shooter drills, assisting FBI, supporting hurricane survivors, working critical incidents at schools, and victims of domestic abuse. And she was the super hero at a child’s burn camp. She offers support to people & canines.

Summer beat cancer in 2014 and the loss of sight in 2016 and continued to focus on her mission to help others & teach the ability, not the disability, is what is important. People melt into her gathering comfort, strength, and courage. She is not only a comforter but a confidante & inspiration for people in crisis to move forward.

She views all openly as an active listener & a source of safety for those experiencing the worst days of their lives. I am so lucky to be on the end of the her leash and am beyond proud of the work she has done to help & educate for this-I would like to nominate her as a hero!