Sunni — Shelter

Location: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Sunni was living outdoors fending for herself in a rough neighborhood. Animal Control was called to pick her up and she was taken to county pound. The unusual part of this story is that Sunni has no use her rear legs so she was dragging herself around outside with no home. Alaqua Animal Refuge heard about Sunni and arranged transportation for her to be brought to the refuge from 2 states away. After arriving and undergoing initial medical care for skin disease and urinary infection, a contrast myelogram was performed and showed that Sunni had atrophied spinal cord and her rear paralysis could not be helped. But during the 7 days it took to get this information, I began to understand what an amazing little dog she was. She truly was a little ray of sunshine…never meeting a stranger. In addition to helping her with hygiene and comfort by bladder expressions every 4 hrs and providing diapers and special apparel to help her not injury her skin, Sunni was provided with a wheelchair. When you read the directions it tells you how to take days to train the dog to move forward in the wheelchair. The first day we strapped Sunni in her chair, she took off fast as she could with a huge smile on her face and checked out every person and dog she saw. Sunni lived with me for 5 months before we found her a wonderful home. This little paralyzed dog totally amazed me everyday. She changed my thinking on dog with disabilities. Sunni was the epitome of positive attitude and a happy dog.

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