Survivor — Shelter

Location: Playa Del Rey, California

Survivor is an example of the perfect shelter dog. She was found lying on the side of the road after a truck had run over only her head. Her body had been dragged through tar and she was left for dead. A good Samaritan picked her up and brought her to the shelter. The shelter then put out a plea. K911ResQ went to save her and brought her to the emergency vet and named her Survivor. Her eye was so severely covered in tar and damaged that it had to be removed. Survivors eye sockets were both fractured and her skull was entirely crushed. A CAT scan indicated that she had well over 30 fractures in her nasal cavity alone plus a broken jaw. She almost didn’t survive the night. Several specialists were consulted and Survivor showed proof of no brain damage. In fact, she wagged her tail every time someone visited her. She underwent surgery to remove her eye and was finally on the long road to recovery. Her rescuers fought hard with decisions on what was best for the her, but Survivor kept wagging her tail and showing the world how strong she was. She had the will and determination to survive.