Suzie — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Suzie is a Courthouse Facility Dog that, like other service dogs, is trained to open doors, cut lights off/on, and retrieve objects but Suzie’s training and skill goes farther though with her being trained to turn the pages of books and provide comfort to juveniles that are in court due to being abused, neglected, removed from the parents or are victims of human trafficking.

Suzie’s service to the juveniles that she comes in contact with includes her laying in their laps while they wait to see the judge, laying by there side when they are being interviewed about the crimes committed against them and sitting in the chair next to them as they face the person that has hurt them. Suzie works in four court rooms with five judges weekly. In addition she works with the interviewers of the Children’s Advocacy Center, victims of crimes through the District Attorneys Office, she attends therapeutic sessions with youth housed at the Juvenile Detention Center and school kids around the city.