Swifty — Guide / Hearing

Location: Cape Coral, Florida

Hi, I’m Crystle and I was born Legally Blind. I’ve always dreamed about my future and what it would be like to be more independent and successful in society. I was never sure I’d be able to do that confidently with my visual impairment. So, when the time was right, I applied for a Guide Dog. I was so nervous when it was time to go. This was my first plane trip anywhere and it was alone. I arrived in New York at the Guide Dog Foundation not knowing what to expect. Time flew by while I was there from the moment, I first met Swifty to the last day at Graduation. I could already feel the bond between Swifty, and I was strong and had no idea how this bond would grow as time went on. While working with Swifty that was the first time I felt empowered and excited to go out and do anything. Swifty and I spent 9 years together as a team accomplishing so many things but the best part about our journey was starting a Dog Training and Pet Sitting business. Swifty is the reason why I started this business. He absolutely loved his job! He took it very seriously and inspired me to do something I am passionate about. Now that Swifty is retired and I have been without a dog, life does not feel the same. I did go back to the Guide Dog Foundation and get another Guide Dog, but it did not work out. Swifty is my Hero because he is courageous and supports me even though he’s retired he still wants to be there for me. He deserves recognition for his hard work and dedication to me.

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