Swifty — Guide / Hearing

Location: Cape Coral, Florida

I am nominating my retired Guide Dog, Swifty. We worked together as a team for 8 memorable years. Swifty was my first Guide Dog and when I received him I did not know the future we would have together. Besides the amazing Guide work he provided me for our time together he also gave me confidence, motivation, and a bond unlike any other. Swifty was and still is a special dog and met his job duties above and beyond any other Guide Dog I knew and know today. Swifty is my hero, not only for Guiding me and keeping me safe but he saved me from a life of loneliness and depression. He gave me the ability to be independent, to get out in the world and be apart of society. He would happily put that harness on and take me anywhere. Even though he is now retired he is currently working as a mentor for my new Guide Dog, Bug. Swifty has accepted Bug into his home and spends many hours with her sharing his secrets and helping her keep me safe and remain independent. I have had Bug for about 9 months now and these 2 dogs are inseparable and a true gift from god. Swifty deserves to be a Hero Dog because of his dedication to me and now dedication to Bug.

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