Taco — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Gunnar's Wheels
Location: Bakersfield, California

Taco came to Marleys Mutts in April 2017 from another rescue organization who needed help getting him adopted. He came with us to a very large adoption event but didn’t have any interest in him because he was paralyzed. Taco has a spinal deformity that caused a disc to push into his spinal cord causing paralysis, thus leaving him to drag is back legs and need the use of a wheelchair. After spending that weekend with Taco, I begged and pleaded with our foster coordinator to let me take him home and foster him. His skin was in really bad shape and truth be told he was a jerk to everyone. He needed some physical help, training, and attention that I knew I would be able to give him. Taco was one tough little cookie to work with and just had a bad attitude all the way around. Biting people was how he had dealt with getting what he wanted, especially when someone put him in his wheelchair. He was NOT fond of being in it at all!

After months of working with him and redirecting his frustration of being in his wheelchair, Taco has emerged as a wonderful dog who is now enjoying life! He is fun to be around and enjoys playing ball with kids at events and is now on his way to becoming a therapy dog for kids. He still needs some work, but that wont stop Taco from being the best dog he can be and showing the world how wonderful disabled dogs really are. Taco wont be getting adopted anytime soon, because he will be living the rest of his life at home with me.

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