Taffy (Salt Water Taffy) — Therapy

Location: Ponte Vedra, Florida

Taffy spends her summers at an International camp in New Hampshire where she is able to interact with over 250 kids from 6 – 16 . She is a huge help with homesickness which happens frequently, especially with younger children and kids from far away places like China, Russia, Turkey, Morocco and all of Europe. Homesickness in a cabin is like a bad flu in a confined space. Once one child get it, it spreads to the others. Taffy will go to the cabin at bedtime and what happens next is quite magical. She will go to the middle of the cabin and lay down in the middle of the group of kids and let the campers pet her, cuddle with her and actually lay on her and love her. Stories come out about their pets and how much they love Taffy. She loves them back!

Taffy is also good with the whole group of kids at meal times or at morning meeting. She just seems to know the child that is alone, feeling blue or a little bit lost so far from home. She is able to find that individual and give them a little extra love. Most kids are just regular kids learning how to be away from their parents and make decisions on their own. However some kids are ADHD, hearing impaired, have mental challenges or are autistic and she absolutely can find these kids and sit and snuggle with them. It calms everyone down and she is a master at this task.

Additionally, Taffy goes to Nursing Homes, helps with Buddy Break, giving parents of kids with challenges an off-duty afternoon and local school programs.