Tank — Therapy

Location: Loxahatchee, Florida

Tank was rescued as a puppy from a locked car on a sweltering afternoon in Florida where bully breeds are a dime a dozen, flooding shelters up for adoption with accompanying disclaimers. I have never felt that any dog was undeserving of love but bully breeds always get a bad reputation. Tank couldn’t have been a more perfect example of the unconditional, boundless love and acceptance a dog has to offer. I quickly enrolled him in training and together, as partners, Tank and I worked together to get him certified as a therapy dog, where we volunteer through Southern Comfort Canines. We make trips to nursing homes and to visit children undergoing hardship. Tank’s positivity, goofy nature, and wealth of love make him a popular dog. He’ll be anyone’s best friend and he’s an upbeat playmate or a calming refuge, and somehow knows which you need. He reminds us to find joy in the little things like bubbles, and puddles. You’d never guess where he started or where he might have ended if he hadn’t been rescued, but with his resilience, patience, and light-hearted nature, Tank was born to be a comfort dog. Tank just had to have surgery on his leg (a product of being 100 pounds, most likely to be proportionate to the size of his heart) but even that can’t dampen his spirit and he’ll be back to bringing people comfort shortly. He’s come far in only a short time and he has a very bright future ahead of him still but one look at Tank and I know in my heart all dogs really do go to heaven.

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