Tank — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Odenton, Maryland

Tank and I were matched on Feb 18, 2012. We trained together and he came to live with me that April. Before receiving Tank, I had begun going out much less. When you have a mobility disability, it can be difficult to go out alone. There are also many things that are difficult to do at home.

Once Tank came home with me, my life completely changed! He gave me back my independence. If I was out and I dropped something, he could quickly retrieve it. If I approached a door with as handicapped button, he could press it and open the door for me.

Tank’s help also allows me to conserve energy which is huge! I live alone. At home, the things that he does, like unloading the dryer, pulling the laundry basket, helping me remove my jacket, shoes, and socks, let’s me use that energy to do other things.

I go spend time with friends and I started volunteering again. I coach a Special Olympics basketball team, sing in the church choir, and volunteer at Fidos for Freedom. I have been the Director of Client Services, Director of Outreach, a trainer with the prison program, and several other positions. I also started participating in toastmasters a few years ago.

Having a service dog also makes people notice you. You talk to many more people than previously. The door is a bridge between a person with a disability and the rest of the world.

Life with Tank has been more than I ever thought it would be! He is my lifeline.

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