Tata — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Jackson, Alabama

I adopted Tata while working in Dodge City, KS. We went to a local area shelter and looked for a fur baby to adopt. We could not find anything that ” spoke”to us. On the way out the door we heard a whimper and asked what it was. The lady said the dog’s name was Tasha. She had been found wandering around the railroad tracks at the railhead. She was extremely emaciated, in heat, and covered in fleas. She was taken to the vet and received care. She was still in bad shape but my wife said we could love her back to health. I protested and said what are we going to do. We adopted her after that. The next day after work I came home and sat down in the recliner and was talking with my wife and Tata heard my voice. She ran out of the bedroom ad finally made her way to me. She climbed up my legs and laid down in my lap and went to sleep. From that moment on I was hers. She traveled with me to Idaho, California, and back home to Alabama.

I am a Desert Storm veteran diagnosed with PTSD. And in the amount of time I’ve had Tata, she has been my “therapy” dog. When I start to feel a panic attack or get very angry she paws at me or licks me in the face. If it hadn’t been for her I would be in a bad place right now. Sometimes I feel that she is my reason for living. I know you have heard a thousand times. What makes this one stand is Tata is blind. The vet actually said that it looks like she was born that way. My baby is special even if I am the only one that thinks that.

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