Thor — Shelter

Location: Boonsboro, Maryland

I own and run a sanctuary for neglected abandoned and abused Chihuahuas. I currently have 39 residents here, I Thor came in around number 11 when he was still very young. Since his arrival, he has been the first dog every single time to welcome every new member to what I call my island of misfit toys. My babies are all the ones that nobody else wanted. Of the ones residing here I have certain ones that have certain jobs that I call ambassadors. I have one that knows when one of the dogs are sick or dying and is the empath of the group I have one who is the Alpha who never gets in fights but breaks them up and keep the peace and then the most important job, is the welcoming committee. Although he’s only 2.7 pounds he is fearless and always happy and if you check out my page you’ll see videos and pictures of him or I can also provide at a later date so you don’t have to search for him. He is always the first dog to welcome any new dog. He truly makes life for every pore soul here better from the start, no matter how much they are afraid of their surroundings Thor always and fearlessly greets and makes friends immediately. My page is big guy, littles world sanctuary if you’d like to follow up about him.

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