Thor — Therapy

Location: Plainview, New York

Thor became certified as a therapy dog in February of 2017 & since then has put in close to 300 hours of time visiting at area hospitals with me, my husband & his brother Tsar who is also a certified therapy dog. There is one hospital in particular that only Thor & I visit at because it is a behavioral health hospital & the other therapy dog handlers claim that their dogs don’t feel comfortable there. Thor & I go into the section where the patients can be violent, but when I walk into the day room with Thor even the most violent patient lightens up & just wants to hug Thor & play with him. He knows when patients need him the most & will lie down on the floor & let them snuggle against him. When he sees patients having breakdowns & hysterical crying Thor will walk over to them & start kissing their faces until they stop crying & start laughing. I never thought that Thor would be the amazing therapy dog he is, but after we lost his older brother to cancer (he was our first boy to be certified & also an amazing therapy dog) Thor picked up where he left off. My favorite memory from Thor’s visit will always be the day that a patient came to me (this was the 2nd time we saw him) & told me that when we saw him the week before he had only checked into the hospital a few days prior to our visit. He said he was in really bad shape & didn’t think he would make it. We came in a few days later & that was his turning point. He was going home that Monday & wanted to thank us.

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