Thor — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Pensacola, Florida

Thor was a foster that I had and he was never supposed to be my service dog. One night while I was in bed I noticed he would not leave me alone, about 5 minutes later I had a really bad seizure and Thor was right there to help me through it. Over the next few weeks I started to pay closer attention to his behavior and noticed that every time I was going to ‘fish’ ,what I call my seizures, he would not leave me alone. I decided to work with Thor on this, and began training him. Training him was incredibly natural, and since then Thor and I have been together. That was almost 4 year ago, we have traveled to dozens of states and been on many adventures together. Without his seizure alert, response, and recovery (as well as many other tasks) I truly believe that I would have died. I feel safe doing everyday activities on my own and now have my freedom that my seizures had taken from me, all because of Thor. I have peace of mind that if I do have a seizure hes going to be right there to let me know, help me through it and take care of me after. Before Thor, if I had a seizure, I would be done for the day unable function at all. Now, his recovery tasks help me to get back to ‘normal’ faster than I ever could have hoped for. I can usually get back to my ‘normal’ day within a half hour or at least be able to operate my wheelchair.

Thor is my lifeline, my independence, my best friend and my everything. I am beyond blessed to have this staffy in my life.

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