Thor — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: HomeDog LA
Location: Los Angeles, California

15 years. Been HONORED to Save THOUSANDS of dogs, and I can humbly attest: Thor is unlike ANY other.

Three years back, a pic of a PARALYZED, Dying, Starving, Diseased dog on the streets of Mexico, begged HELP, and I KNEW that this poor ravaged, discarded soul, needed to at least die here with dignity. Every doctor we met in the U.S. agreed we should ‘let him go’ but since this Warrior fought for MONTHS to stay ALIVE, dragging his dying body, begging for food, HE needed to communicate what HE wanted.
As I held his broken 25 lb (now 60) body, I told him he was LOVED + MATTERED. They said IF Thor Lived, he would be special-needs. I responded: “We are ALL special-needs.” Looking deep into Thor’s kind eyes, I asked him if he wanted to leave. His eyes were clear and loud: “Let me show you what I can do.” So instead of ending Thor’s life – We Began It.

Three years FULL of Work & Magic. Not only has Thor defied every odd to Live, but he has NOT seen his wheelchair in over a year. He WALKS! There’s a reason that 20 MILLION people – and growing – have Watched, Shared & Celebrated this Brave, Beautiful SURVIVOR’s video. Thor’s Struggles, Determination & Triumphs have INSPIRED folks in their own lives. Countless Emails & Comments from people calling Thor their HERO, as he REFUSED to Quit.

HEROES comes in all shapes. Some even have four legs. Thor reminds us ALL daily that NEVER is the time you give up…NEVER.

Thank You.