Thumper — Service

Location: San Antonio, Texas

I am permanent disabled combat veteran.
My service dog is my battle buddy. He keeps me calm as I am 100 percent rating with PTSD. He is not an ESA. We went through a program sanctioned by the Reno Nevada VA. The program is called GI dogs.
To qualify you must be disabled and willing to rescue your dog from the humane society. Once you rescue your buddy and the instructor thinks it’s a good match you receive a year of free training until graduation of your service dog.
(A battle buddy is a partner assigned to a soldier. Each battle buddy is expected to assist his or her partner both in and out of combat. Most participating soldiers have reported satisfaction and have agreed that the military should implement the system fully. A battle buddy is not only intended for company, but also for the reduction of suicide; since each watches his partner’s actions, a battle buddy can save their fellow soldier’s life by noticing negative thoughts and feelings and intervening to provide help.)
My buddy is my lifesaver! 🇺🇸🐕🇺🇸