Timber — Service

Location: Equinunk, Pennsylvania

Imagine being a 4 month old puppy. The life of a puppy should be happy, playful, and carefree. Timber’s story was just the opposite. At 4 months of age Timber was owned by an older man who hit him with hairbrushes and rolled up newspapers. The final injustice to the small puppy’s life was February 2, 2013 when his owner tied him to the front bumper of his SUV. The man went into the house before leaving claiming he had forgotten something. He got into his car and took off, the puppy still tied to the bumper. Timber endured 3 miles of pure hell; being drug at 45 mph. His owner then suddenly “remembered” that his puppy was not in his car and hit the brakes.Timber, at the time was named “D.O.G”, underwent 3 surgeries to remove his left ear, clean and debride his lacerations, and to close his large laceration with skull exposure. I was assigned to his case. Finally, on Mar. 2013, his case went to court and his owner was charged with animal cruelty and was forced to surrender him to the humane society. Around that time after I adopted him, I was starting to notice some changes in my behavior. I was diagnosed with non-combat PTSD. I did some research and worked with a service dog trainer. After 2 years of hard work, Timber is my fully trained service dog. I continue to improve since he became my partner. 2013 had brought 2 tragedies and turned them into 2 miracles. In the end, two broken souls helped one another and I had saved Timber’s life; and in return he saves my mine.