Timmy Beaumier — Therapy

Location: College Park, Maryland

Timmy is a very busy little French Bulldog. He is a therapy dog that not only works two hospitals, he goes to a local school and he listens while the elementary age children read to him to improve their reading skills. Tim visits the returning veterans of war at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. With his other therapy buddies, they bring smiles and comfort to people who need a diversion from their healing and arduous physical therapy. His other duty station is the National Children’s Hospital, also in Washington, DC. These kids have all kinds of ailments and physical challenges, but when Timmy walks in, no matter how they feel, they light up. Timmy very patiently, with permission from their parents, lies in bed with these little patients, lets them hold him or just pat his head. For that one short visit, they forget where they are, how bad they feel, and just fall in love with Timmy.

Timmy is a life saver for his owner, Mary Ann Beaumier. In 2009, her son, Bill, came home from Afghanistan in a coma. With family support and a lot of love and attention, he was able to recover to a certain degree, but not fully. He still has a traumatic brain injury and requires 24-hour care. He lives in the Veterans Hospital in DC. Mary Ann is Bill’s strongest advocate, but it takes a physical and mental toll on her. Timmy is her therapy dog, too. It’s like he can sense that Mary Ann needs him, and together, they bring joy to so many who need them more.