Timmy — Shelter

Location: Lake Worth, Florida

Timmy was rescued out of the shelter the day he was to be euthanized by blessed paws rescue. I found Timmy on petfinder and when i contacted the rescue group they let me foster him for a week. The unique thing about Timmy is he is a blue nose pit who loves everyone. I have another pit and a chihuahua and five cats and my son comes over with his three shitzu Timmy is a senior dog and was all trained. Timmy has no issues. Timmy deserves the title because he was given up after 9 yrs of living with someone and spent 5 months in the pound . He can raise awareness to everyone that our older dogs and seniors deserve a chance for a second home. Timmy is amazing dog all trained and well manored. His cute little personality would melt everyone’s heart. He would convince everyone that puppies aren’t always the best choice and not all older dogs have issues. He plays like a puppy!