Tippi — Guide / Hearing

Location: East Elmhurst, New York

Tippi is not your ordinary black lab. Just like any super hero, she has two personae: black lab by day, guide dog…well, also by day. It’s all in the harness, you see. When not in harness, she’s your average loving, happy lab, that little “heartbeat at my feet”. But in harness, she’s all business. And we don’t live just anywhere; we live in NYC, where the drivers are crazy, the crowds are plentiful, the trains are loud, and the demands are high. Yet every single day, she keeps me safe: she watches what I can’t…which is everything. From stopping at curbs to navigating obstacles to backing me away from aggressive drivers in the crosswalk, to remembering to turn onto the right street when I miscounted crossings, she proves she’s a hero every route we walk. And if she’s the hero, I guess that makes me the sidekick (but I’m okay with that). And, after each long day when it’s time for bed, she curls up next to me and keeps me warm. Yes, she’s my hero, but more importantly, she’s also my best friend. I love her with all my heart and will forever be grateful to Guide Dogs for the Blind for placing her with me. She’s one super pup!

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