Todd — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Dogs on Deployment
Location: Lititz, Pennsylvania

On January 7th 2017 I was walking our 8 year old Sheltie mix “Todd” who we rescued from the pound when he was 8 months old. No one was around at the park since we had received a light snow mixed with some ice earlier that morning. I purposely walked down a short grassy hill to reach the flat part of the macadam walkway so I would’t fall. When I got to the flat area “Todd” went off to the side to check out the weeds as dogs do. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back and the world was spinning around. I had stepped on a hidden patch of ice and hit the back of my head hard on the ground. Todd came running over and started licking my face but when I looked up I saw 6 of him so I knew something wasn’t right. I tried to get up but I couldn’t since my balance was way off. Todd came closer and braced his legs so I could lean on his shoulders to get up. I was so dizzy I kept having to step to my left to keep from falling again so Todd pressed his body against my left leg and kept leaning against me to help me stay upright and able to move forward. He kept this up for the entire block and a half walk back to our house. When we got inside I disconnected his leash and he went running into our den and started barking at my husband to alert him. He has no training in any kind of service or rescue but his actions that Saturday got me home as quick as possible so i could get the medical help I needed. He continued to stay by my side as I recovered from a concussion. He is my hero!